Hello Chic girls! As summer comes into full swing we are constantly wearing dresses. You can wear sun dresses, cocktail and even formal dresses.. for example prom dresses! But when it comes to dresses, who is able to step out of the norm? What is going to be the new thing, the way wedges were to heels? At Chic to Chic we consider the “High Low” dress, the fashion statement to go outside the “dress box” this summer!

Most see the “High Low” dress as a daunting feat that can look awkward or strange depending on height and body shape, but I am here to show you lovely Chic ladies that these fears are filed under false pretenses! EVERYONE can rock the “High Low” dress this summer!!!!!

When wearing a High Low dress everyday, most girls are scared due to┬ámyths of being too short or not the “right” body shape. But these fears are irrelevant in our Chic world! For ladies that fear the height restriction, us Chic girls recommend a high low style that is not as dramatic. This will elongate your legs by showing more skin to create the illusion that you have more to show!

Casual High Low –

Making a high low dress casual can be done in multiple different ways. Try pairing it with sandals and simple jewelry or a jean jacket and a messenger bag. The perfect Chic girl summer outfit is completely and totally accessible with the high low style.

In this super cute high low look, we paired the skirt with a crop top and statement necklace. Pulling the gold tones from the necklace, we were able to finish the look with this to die for metallic messenger bag. Now ladies, this skirt is high waisted as well, and is a perfect shape for any body type. For a more petite chic girl, the combination of a crop and sandals is a no brainer! Our curvy divas out there will love this high wasited skirt as it emphasizes those fabulous Chic girl curves by pulling in at your waist and flaring out. If you want to elongate your legs even more, pair this outfit with summer wedges that are neutral in color. The neutral colored shoes draws the attention to your legs, and pulls together all the metallic accessories.

With this simpler look, this casual cobalt dress makes summer dressing easy. By pairing the look with a long necklace, you can highlight the cowl neckline and add an little extra sparkle to the look. Us Chic girls recommend a cute nude sandal or wedge, depending on your mood! The sandals can keep the look casual for day, or you can pair the look with wedges for a day to night style! You can also make this an evening look by adding a cropped jacket. Or keep this look casual with a cardigan or over sized sweater, creating a more layered outfit which perfect for any type of luncheon or day time activity!. The possibilities are endless!

Formal High Low –

Creating a more formal outfit using a high low dress can be just as easy as making a casual look. Statement necklaces, belts and clutches can transition the look from daytime fun to evening adventures!

In this super edgy Chic girl outfit, we paired a leather and chiffon high low dress with gold statement necklaces for an evening look. We suggest this style for any savy Chic girl going out for a night on the town! Pair this dress with black or gold strappy heels and a super cute clutch and you’re ready to go! Even though this outfit may look intimidating, this high low is easy to wear and even easier to accessorize. Don’t stop with gold accessories, you can always switch to silver or even black! The possibilities are endless with this high low dress!

For this high low gown, the Chic girls paired the look with a TO DIE for black bejeweled belt! This gown would be perfect for any body type with the dramatic high low and flattering waist line. By adding a belt, you draw attention to the waist and emphasize the natural hour glass figure! We suggest silver or black hanging earrings or switching out the belt for a different color and changing the accessories to a gold or another neutral of your choice! Don’t forget your super cute strappy heels or summery wedges to match the dress! Stick to blacks or other neutral tones when it comes to shoes so the attention stays on this beautiful high low dress!
Well Chic ladies, there ya go! Here are some quick tips and suggestions when it comes to wearing and accessorizing high low dresses this spring and summer! These easy little reminders can be used with clothing and accessories already in your own closet or at the closest Chic to Chic location to you! Don’t forget to stop by and say hello to our Chic family, we can’t wait to see you there!