Handbags speak louder than words, and these handbags are SCREAMING fall!

I toured the displays of the Chic to Chic Frederick Boutique and picked out my top THREE fall handbags (as well as some honorary mentions)!!

I did my best to choose one handbag for each fashion sense in hopes to find the PERFECT addition to your fall handbag collection!

New York Chic

I can see myself carrying this handbag down the streets of Manhattan, watching all of the heads turn to look at my stunning Kate Spade handbag (that I bought at half the price)!! The structure is simply elegant, and the bow detail is a beautiful feminine touch!

Kate Spade / $124.95

Dazzle Me Chic

This Kate Spade handbag is very intriguing to me due to it’s versatility. It would be a perfect going out handbag, and would also be extremely easy to wear with a denim outfit. The way the light catches this handbag is reason enough to add this to your collection!

Kate Spade / $79.95

Boho Chic

Chic Girl Brittany and I have handbags this exact color, so I guess you could say that the Chic Girls love their navy! This handbag is the perfect mix of structured and slouchy, another perfect addition to your collection!

Marc Jacobs / $399.95

If you are intereted in any of these pieces, feel free to give the Chic to Chic Frederick Boutique a call at (301) 620-8889! We would be more than happy to send you more photos of these pieces! Remember, we do offer over the phone transactions (paypal), shipping, and layaway!

Here are a few honorary mentions that didn’t quite make it to the top three list:

Stay CHIC, xoxo