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Chic to Chic family has a big announcement to make at their newly remodeled Gaithersburg location!!! The store has just unveiled its Mystic HD Spray Tanning booth just in time to help Chic Girls & Guys get ready for Spring Weddings, Proms, and Vacations!

From designer clothing to designer handbags, Chic to Chic has got you covered. Now, along with bringing hip, trendy, and fun fashions to Gaithersburg, Chic to Chic now offers spray tanning with no appointment needed at an incredibly great price!

Ellen and her Chic Girls & Guys are always looking for new ways to help their customers look and feel more beautiful, but the addition of the Mystic HD holds special significance for the owner and staff of Chic to Chic.

February of 2010, Ellen found herself staring down skin cancer for the second time in her life. She was fortunate, this time she caught the disease in its early stages, but the scare reminded her of the importance of educating young people about the dangers of UV rays.

She decided to donate the proceeds of her annual The Great Chic Challenge 5k Walk/Jog/Run to Skin Cancer Research and Education. She also realized that she could also help her customers by providing a way for Chic Girls & Guys to get the sun kissed glow they were looking for without resorting to laying out at the beach or spending hours in tanning beds.

“Going into spring a lot of girls and Chic to Chic customers are headed to Prom or special events and want to get tans,” said Ellen. “We’ve even had bridal parties coming in before weddings.”

Ellen knows that her clients want a great looking tan, and while some may balk at the idea that a spray tan could replace hours spent lying out, she is confident that once customers try the new booth out, they’ll be hooked.

“There have been major improvements from the spray tan version from several years ago,” said Ellen. “The Mystic HD has a heater and a dryer in it so it warms up before you get in there and dries you between sprays so that when you’re done with the spray, you’re good to go.”

Ellen hopes the Mystic HD will help Chic to Chic customers get a great looking tan and raise money for other Skin Care Research and Education initiatives—a portion of every sale will be donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation. More importantly, she hopes it will provide an opportunity to raise awareness about a dangerous disease and help her clients live happier, healthier lives.