Keeping Up With the Runway the C H I C Way

We all like to keep in trend, and this year there are a lot of very exciting trends seen on the runway! After researching the recent fashion extravaganzas, I’m here to share my notes with you on what all of the insiders are rocking this upcoming season (which believe it or not is right around the corner)!

1. Space Metal

For starters, thanks to our friend Karl Lagerfeld from Chanel, space-age fabric will be the scene on the streets! Ever since the rocket launchpad event in the middle of the Grand Palais (hosted by none other than Lagerfeld), space metal earned its spot in the top trends.

2. Tonal

Sure, we have all been out of the house in an all black outfit at least once, but have you ever left in an all red outfit? What about a blue? Well get ready Chic People – thats the next big thing! Just be sure to add ONE accessory on the opposite side of the color wheel to add an extra pop of color!

3. Corduroy

This trend has been weaving its way in and out of fashion, but this fall it is making its way back! Pull out those corduroy skirts from the back of your closets and invest in a pair of flared corduroy bottoms for safe measure!

4. Mixed Textures

Previously seen as a fashion taboo, now it is the next big thing! Don’t be afraid to mix furs with curduroy, velvet and silk, polyester and tweed – just be sure not to mix patterns!

5. Scarf and Sweaters

Possibly my favorite upcoming trend, pairing a scarf with your favorite sweater! As you look through some of these fall inspiration outfits I’m sure you can tell. This look could be sent to the next level if you also add a cute necklace!


I know what you’re thinking – how in the WORLD can I style these trends? Well don’t you worry! I roamed the brand new arrivals of Chic to Chic Frederick and put together a handful of outfits to guide you down the right path!

ONE - Oversized Made Chic

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Free People. It’s a running joke now that whenever a Free People piece comes in, I will without a doubt be obsessing over it! For this look I decided to pair this oversized cream Free People sweater with these ripped jeans for an edgy and youthful look. TIP: To add a little extra depth, add a cream colored bralette underneath!

TWO - POP of Chic

One of my favorite upcoming trends is the POP of color! For my base color I chose red, mainly because I feel as though everyone looks good in red. I paired this amazing Free People dress (with a gorgeous slanted, fringe trim) with a layered red and gold statement necklace. Since I woke up on the bold side of the bed, I added a warm toned scarf, which would ALSO look extremely cute tied on the crossbody! Speaking of the crossbody, I chose this very simple navy blue piece to contrast against the red without things looking too busy.

THREE - Flirty Chic

Are you catching on to a trend? For this outfit I just had to showcase this gorgeous Free People dress! Since this dress is stunning enough by itself, I decided not to add any jewlery. Instead, I added a grey fringed crossbody and added a POP of color by tying a multi-toned red scarf (which ALSO made the red from the dress pop!).

FOUR - Casual Grunge

For this outfit I decided to have more fun of the POP of color! For the fall, I love to rock is this beautiful forest green color! Lucky for me I found these gorgeous pants and even MORE gorgeous jacket. For the pop of color, I chose to keep it more simple and use an oversized cream Free People sweater. To top off this outfit, I added this marbled turqoise long necklace in order to create a well-rounded look (and an extra pop of color).

FIVE - Business Chic

To finish this outfit of the week, I chose to go a bit classy while maintaining a slight edge. I am OBSESSED with these Chicos pants with the silver chain fringe going up the side lining! This will surely turn heads. Do I even need to talk about how stunning this blazer is? To finish this look off, I decided to add a POP of color, and what is easier than adding a scarf?

If you would like to know any information about any of these pieces featured, please feel free to give the Chic to Chic Frederick Boutique a call at (301)620-8889!! We would love to answer any questions you might have. REMEMBER, we do offer over the phone transactions (and paypal) as well as shipping!

Stay Chic XOXO