Whew! What a year! Thank you for making Chic to Chic, even Chic'er Here's a quick rewind of 2018:

# of consigned items 16892

# of dollars raised for charities:

# of CHANEL’s with new Chic owners

This might be our livelihood but we’re here because of you and for you. Thank you for year after year voting Chic to Chic your favorite consignment store. We have even bigger and better things planned for 2019 so watch our FB page, join our FB Private Group and stay tuned in to our website and your emails. Happy New Year!

# of times store re-merchandised 36

# of Live Videos 104

# of bottles of wine/champagne consumed at Girls Night out/in Parties. 39

# of hours spent with Marketing and Web Team 64

# of cookies we ate with our brand new logo on on them 12
# of shopping bags carried out the door 10,111

# of states items shipped to 21 
# of items sold online 196 
Items donated: 287
Dresses sold :1,495

# of times customers told us they loved us – countless!! 

T H A N K Y O U !

Are you ready to do it all again with us?